FIFA 22: Weakened the superhero goalkeeper in the PS5, PS4 patch

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FIFA 22: Weakened the superhero goalkeeper in the PS5, PS4 patch

Currently, the first update of FIFA 22 has been released on PlayStation 5 and PS4. This update brings huge changes and improvements. These changes include a series of game enhancements, including some adjustments to the way goalkeepers work. in addition. EA Sports has reduced the "goalkeeper's efficiency when shooting from the top corner of the penalty area", although most of the time players will still Buy FIFA 22 Coins confront the main player Peter Schmeichel.

However, if the player has trouble scoring, don't assume that the player will suddenly and easily score a goal. Although players spent several hours to install the new patch, they still fell victim to a large number of goalkeeper heroes. If the player needs help in this regard, the player can use the link to find out how to score for past goalkeepers.

Other changes include a new animation when the goalkeeper reaches for a fine shot, designed to provide a "more realistic appearance response", but may also lead to more saves. There are also some changes in logic that caused the defender to completely lose his position in the FIFA 22 Coins corner kick, which has already paid the price. We played a few games. Elsewhere, there are hundreds of other small adjustments and improvements, from bug fixes to user interface changes. In addition to 31 facial scans, three new songs have been added to the original soundtrack.

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