New World has fewer players again

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New World can’t stop losing players, and those who stay are asking for another server to merge.

New World can’t stop losing players, and those who stay are asking for another server to merge.

Recently, New World players are already calling on Amazon to merge more servers in response to declining player numbers. Players said the server consolidation could inspire their desire to buy New World Coins.

The decline of New World was dramatic. Amazon’s grand success story last October looked miserable, as players left the game in droves. S had over 900,000 concurrent players but has since dropped dramatically to around 70,000. And recently the number of players has dwindled again.

A strong start has apparently led to growing player frustration with New World’s mechanics, glitches, and lack of end-game content. Players have lost confidence because of the hard-to-fix issues in the game, but there are still some players who will spend New World Coins for a better gaming experience. New World started off with positive reviews, which have since dropped to mixed reviews.

In response to declining player numbers and to ensure servers maintain a healthy population, Amazon began merging servers in December. The two mergers reduced the total number of servers players can join, but those players now say Amazon should servers again.

Other players foreshadowed a further drop in player numbers starting next month with the release of Lost Arc and Elden Ring. Some players also said that Amazon can increase New World Coins to improve this problem. Some players even suggested that Amazon consider changing New World into a free MMO to increase the number of players.

But in the New World, it’s not all doom and gloom. Because of its popularity, Amazon’s successful Winter Convergence event has been extended to January 25. This means players have one more day to collect event tokens and open gifts filled with limited-time cosmetics. So players in need can Buy Cheap New World Coins at IGGM. They provide legitimate services and products. Players can use them to improve their ability to complete missions and defeat enemies.