Commonly used lifelike sex dolls

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the texture of the material has also changed a lot, with a more realistic fleshy feel. The male vibrator is mostly made into a vagina shape.

Commonly used lifelike sex dolls

Oscillator - This type of simulated oscillator is also called a comforter, which can be divided into two categories for men and women. The initial production of lifelike sex dolls mainly provides vibration stimulation to the penis, clitoris and other sensitive parts, so it only has a simple high-frequency oscillation function, generally 80 Hz, which means that it can provide 80 high-frequency oscillation stimulation per second.

The current oscillator function has been greatly improved, in addition to oscillation, there are many functions such as stretching, swinging, rotating, and creeping. In addition, the texture of the material has also changed a lot, with a more realistic fleshy feel. The male vibrator is mostly made into a vagina shape. The new type of instrument is small in size and good in texture, which helps to treat ejaculation disorders in patients who do not ejaculate; to a certain extent, it can help patients with premature ejaculation and impotence to restore their silicone sex dolls function.

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In addition, it can be used for masturbation in the absence of sexual partners and normal sex life. The female vibrator is mostly made into a penis shape, which to a certain extent can help stimulate a woman's orgasm, increase sexual desire, and cure frigidity; or when the man is impotent, the woman can achieve sexual satisfaction.

Silicone sex dolls enhance sexual stimulation

Enhanced stimulation - sheep eye circles, crystal sleeves, special-shaped condoms, extended condoms, etc. all have the effect of enhancing stimulation to women or prolonging the time of male sexual intercourse, and can also have both functions.

Lubrication - Various lubricants can help solve the problem of insufficient vaginal lubrication for women (especially middle-aged and elderly women), which is of great help to ensure the smooth progress of teen sex dolls life. Attention should be paid to the selection of water-soluble lubricants without chemical activity, so as to avoid the added drugs affecting the growth of normal vaginal flora and causing the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

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These sexual devices can be purchased in large medical stores or specialized sex shops. But here is a reminder: no matter what kind of sexual dysfunction or sexual problem occurs, you should first seek consultation and correction from a specialist, and choose and use sexual tools correctly under the guidance of the doctor. Lack of the necessary knowledge and correct knowledge of selection, the use of sexual tools at will, the result may be more harm than good.

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