Aluminum discs are used in the cookware industry

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Aluminum discs are used in the cookware industry

Cookware is a common household item that is found in almost every household. With the rapid development of the social economy and the needs of people's lives, the development of the cookware industry has also experienced tremendous growth, and the demand for kitchen utensils is expected to continue to rise in the coming years. Cooking utensils have undergone significant changes in recent years, with an emphasis on aesthetics and fashion as well as environmental protection and efficiency in energy consumption. The new environmentally friendly aluminium circle, with their distinct advantages, meet the requirements because they are environmentally friendly.

Aluminum Discs are Used in the Cookware Industry

The kitchen panel made of aluminum discs is simple to match in terms of style and texture to the rest of the kitchen's furnishings, resulting in a highly harmonious and fashionable overall design for the kitchen. A pure metal, aluminum round plate undergoes special treatment to increase the thickness of the oxide film. As a result, the weather resistance is enhanced, the color range of the surface appearance is expanded, the performance is more stable, and it is more difficult to chemically react with other substances. Using kitchen utensils does not result in the production of any harmful substances. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material, so there is no negative impact on the environment from its use.

The cookware aluminum disc is a product that is created after aluminum has been subjected to extensive processing. At the moment, aluminum can be used to create natural aluminum circles. Because of its low price, small order quantity and short delivery period, it is an excellent choice. We sell a variety of materials to domestic user-level distributors and retailers. The product, which is made of anode aluminum discs, can be protected on one side and on both sides to prevent scratches.

In recent years, the use of aluminum circles has increased steadily, and many businesses have turned to aluminum circle discs as a raw material for processing. Since aluminium disc is more expensive than aluminum sheets and rolls, it is reasonable to ask why it costs so much more to produce aluminum circles. In this section, we will discuss why the price of aluminum circle is so high. First and foremost, there is the processing process. The aluminum round plate is manufactured using a continuous stamping process, which means that the manufacturing process will increase production costs, resulting in a high price for the aluminum circle due to its long length. In addition, the process will raise the company's labor and electricity costs by a significant amount.

Keep it clean, and pay attention to the waste. It is estimated that one ton of 1050 aluminum circle will generate 10-15% waste, with some special specifications of the aluminum circle processing waste being even higher. This results in a significant increase in the price of aluminum circle. The final point to mention is production speed: aluminum circle is produced at a slow rate, and the special specifications for numerous molds must be molded, which, to some extent, contributes to the high price of aluminum circle. Despite the fact that the price of aluminum circle is higher, the higher performance cost has outweighed the higher price. The aluminum circle produced by CHAL Aluminium Corporation is the most popular product among all of the aluminum alloys currently on the market. Choose CHAL aluminium circle supplier, and you're choosing high-quality aluminum.

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